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Everyday Joy, Kindle Book Released

Everyday Joy: A Community Book Project has been released on Amazon.  About 100 authors, including myself, contributed stories about everyday joy.  The stories are short, inspirational, and touching.  They reflect the many ways you might find joy in your life.  … Continue reading

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New Free E-Book Just Released!

Have you ever made a resolution or set a goal, and later regretted not following through? Want to discover the secrets to powerful motivation? Whatever you goal is, losing weight, entrepreneurial success, or changing your life, you need to keep … Continue reading

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The Psychological Impact of Having Killers in the Woods Close to Home

It has been 20 days since two murderers escaped from the correctional facility in Dannamora, New York.  This has disrupted life in the North Country and affected many of us in the ‘neighborhood’ where the search has been happening; in … Continue reading

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Spring? Are You Suffering From Bear Confusion Syndrome?

Bear Confusion Syndrome is a human experience.  It happens during the transition from winter to spring.  This strange phenomenon occurs with many people – and this year with many more.  This year the relentless winter of snow and cold and … Continue reading

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Toward Self-Acceptance 1: Accepting Your Dark Side

Self-acceptance is fundamental to any healing or change we want to make in our lives. Nothing takes our energy, spirit, and authenticity away more than a lack of self-acceptance.  If you want success and abundance, self-acceptance is critical. In this … Continue reading

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Spontaneous & Latent Wisdom: What you know that you don’t know you know

Each of us has wisdom that is unconscious.  Some of this wisdom may be innate or learning we have forgotten. We have knowledge that we can use, and sometimes do, but it is not with conscious contemplation or thought. Spontaneous … Continue reading

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Transitions: Help to Make it Through

Transitions represent a natural and inevitable part of life’s journey. They can, however, halt our lives, disrupt our plans and cause us to completely switch course. Transitions can be untimely, frustrating, and absolutely terrifying. Often we want to deny what … Continue reading

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Seeking an Abundant Mindset? The Downside of Automatic Processes

Automatic processes represent our mind’s ability to react unconsciously, quickly, and without thought. They include our ability to do many things on auto-pilot with little cognitive effort.  We do this all the time, all day, every day. Our brain’s automatic processes … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Run… Part 4: More Successful Goal Achievement Styles

Here, I am going to talk about a few other positive aspects of running that can supplement and texture other productive styles of moving toward your goals (such as those described in Part 2). These goal achievement styles assume that … Continue reading

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Negative Thoughts: Managing the Spam in your Head

Your brain works a lot like your email messages; some things go into your inbox, and some go into the spam folder.  For your quality of life and even your sanity you need to manage which messages go where! Your … Continue reading

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