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There is no single path to the places varyingly described as wellness, mental health, behavioral health, personal growth, self-improvement, symptom relief, self-actualization, or inner peace; to name a few. Moving forward means changing paths and finding new ways to progress on your journey in this life.

Change is not always what we want, but it happens anyway. Sometimes we embrace change, other times we resist it with our heart and soul. But whether by choice or chance, you can likely find better ways to achieve the outcomes you want.

Changing paths may mean changing your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Changing paths may mean responding differently in your relationships. Changing paths may mean having to deal with medical and physical issues. Changing paths may mean making new choices and navigating the fear that challenges you. Discovering better ways to find well-being, healing, and growth are tasks most of us undertake at some point or another. Learning to be more effective in managing our emotions, cognitions, and in how we do what we do in all areas of life is a goal most of people have.

So what do you want? Do you have it? Are you stuck? Is it time to change paths? Our intention, with our services and information, is to address the here and now of living effectively and happily as unburdened as possible with past experiences, illness and distress.

Change happens in a context of mind and body and community.

Our mind and body are linked, they impact each other. For instance, healing the mind by improving attitudes, choices, and overcoming self-defeating beliefs will likely improve your physical well-being. Stress takes a tremendous toll on the body, thus learning to deal more effectively with it helps both mind and body. Further physical healing is facilitated by the power of the mind. This is often an underappreciated component of the mind-body equation. More will be said elsewhere, but for now suffice to say mind, body, and their influence on well-being will be a major focus of this site.

Another piece is the fact that each of us exists in a community, the larger context in which we live. Our community includes our families, neighbors, friends, towns, countries, culture, current events, the environment and indeed the state of the world. These communities influence us in ways we often are not aware of, sometimes supporting us and sometimes interfering.

Considering aspects of mind, body, and community, being aware of them, and addressing them effectively is critical to personal health and well-being.

Rich Liotta, Ph.D.


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