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Change Paths Blog is about change, healing, growth, finding abundance and transformation. The blog’s articles and videos (& other content on this site) are intended to provide food for thought, inspiration, and help in changing paths, finding abundance and enriching your life. Change Paths? Because changing paths and finding new ways to move forward in life is part of life! Living more abundantly requires changes, perhaps a few or perhaps a lot. Whether to achieve goals or to face challenges (whether by choice or chance), adjustment, adaption, and changing the path you are traveling is often needed; – if what you want is to live as fulfilled a life as you possibly can!

This blog is presented by Enrichment Associates Consultation & Training (EACT) & Pathfinder Psychological Services. Both were founded by Rich Liotta, Ph.D. (Psychologist) and his late wife Rosemary Lake-Liotta.  Enrichment Associates offers training, consultation, and change facilitation services. Through Pathfinder CPS Dr. Liotta provides therapy and psychological services in the Adirondack region of Northern New York.




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