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Short Version: Change Paths Blog is about change, healing, growth, finding abundance and transformation. The blog’s articles and videos (& other content on this site) are intended to provide food for thought, inspiration, and help in changing paths, finding abundance and enriching your life. Change Paths? Because changing paths and finding new ways to move forward in life is part of life! Living more abundantly requires changes, perhaps a few or perhaps many, Whether to achieve goals or to face challenges (whether by choice or chance), adjustment, adaption, and changing the path you are traveling is often needed; – if what you want is to live as fulfilled a life as you possibly can!

More Information: Change Paths Blog is about personal growth; it is about change, enrichment, and abundance. It is for people seeking coping options, self-improvement, fulfillment, or inspiration. Strategies for changing yourself and living better will be presented. I believe you have the capacity within yourself to make changes and to accomplish your goals. The solution involves tapping inner resources, reorganizing your competencies, and realizing your potential – so you can apply your skills to the challenges you choose and on those you did not choose!

The Change Paths Blog embraces the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, and community. Who we are is the product of all of these; and each impacts our well-being. As such the focus of posts will be varied. Foremost it explores issues of mind; our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and how these impact our well-being. The mind and body cannot be separated and each impacts the other. Sometimes the blog will address broader issues of community (including our families, culture, and environment) and how it impacts us and how we can impact it.

I appreciate that the individual lives within the context of the systems in which we all exist and need to co-exist with. This can include our families, spouses, work places, and local community. Often our challenges involve dealing with The larger community as well. Community events outside of our control, including the economy, health care systems, or the culture we live in – just to name a few-all impact upon us. At times related issues may be addressed in posts.

I feel strongly that the full community-individual equation warrants attention. How the individual can impact the community, in particular, seems to receive less attention than it warrants. The individual, and people acting collectively, can impact the community and the future. I am certainly not alone in this interest.  It is reflected is in the green movement, the focus on spirituality, cultural changes, and in people being of service to others in all variety of ways. How this interacts with personal psychology, well-being, and spirit is important to consider.

In this blog expect some straight talk and some common sense. If what is presented here helps you consider different ways to change and move forward, encourages you to think about things just a little differently, or brightens your day then I have accomplished my purpose.

Some series in the blog include:


Musings, as intended here, are thoughts, speculations, observations, and explorations from an other-than-usual perspective. Musings are driven by curiosity and imagination. Musings are to be taken lightly, as this is where creative license is honored and possibilities, rather than “just the facts,” are allowed expression. This is not to say that they are merely for entertainment, and if you find more there, cool.

As you consider our musings we ask that you entertain the possibility that flexible thought can loosen the limitations that bind. Musings may make you smile and perhaps suggest food for thought. It is our hope that either effect might help untie the ropes.


The purpose of entries under the Enrichments category in this blog is to provide a foundation for the changes you may wish to make in your life. Enrichments provide a way to nurture your life and make it what you want it to be. They are intended to challenge you to think differently, expand choice, and in so doing sow the seeds of change. In this time of change, these Enrichments are offered as encouraging and thought provoking articles to help you enrich your life.

To frame my intention, let me comment on how I am using the terms “Enrichment” and “Enrichments”:

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is the process of moving toward fuller, more meaningful, and rewarding life outcomes.

Enrichment is the result of actions taken to enhance, extend, and expand resources, choice, and well-being.

Enrichment is the process and the result of progressing toward your potential.

What are Enrichments?

Enrichments are the additions we make to our lives and the changes we make to enrich our lives. Enrichments can be small or grand. Often Enrichments are ideas that can grow and flourish in our evolving lives-making life better.

The Enrichments offered here are intended to support your personal enrichment path, whatever that might be.

This article, all content, and series presented on this blog are ©2008-2014 by Richard F. Liotta. Some earlier content (2008-2011) was also provided by Rosemary Lake-Liotta.


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