Passionate living is adeptly riding the wave of who you are!

By: Rich Liotta

Each of us is a wave, a changing, evolving, person maneuvering through life. Who you are includes an array of possibilities, and therefore choice, of what you could pursue or become. Designing your journey, consistent with your gifts, is surprisingly difficult sometimes. Many of us are good at getting in our own way or letting others misdirect us. Do you suppress your natural potential for growth and actualization?

A seed is a flower or a tree in potential. With nourishment and space it will become a rose or oak; the seed’s possibility, the expression of its essence. People are similar on a fundamental level. A natural evolutionary drive has contributed to the you that you are! Whether by genetics or spirit, or both, each of us has a direction we are compelled to go; but only if we allow it. I believe that this direction is usually for the good, our part of a grander plan perhaps (or so I like to believe).

Despite the natural potential that you have, congruent with who you are, many have another talent that is not as helpful. They do not allow it. Instead they bind who they are, and who they can be, in a variety of ways. Like the seed without enough soil, water, or sunshine; many fail to grow well. For many this is because they feel trapped, afraid, insecure, or just don’t know their own capabilities. But unlike the seed, you can be aware, change paths, and seek out the nurturance you need to thrive.

“Know thyself” is not just a scholarly euphemism! Knowing who you are and the nature of your energy is extraordinarily helpful in choosing your goals and dreams, and in realizing your direction. Few insights are as valuable in discovering your natural passion. With all that aligned effectiveness happens, the pursuit can be more effortless, the obstacles more surmountable, and the challenges more exciting!

Like the wave, you are in motion-cherish the ride. Like the seed you have a potential to realize; discover what that is for you now. Passion arises naturally and inevitability from a combination of action, self-awareness, congruence, choice, water, and sunshine. In sum, I propose that: Passionate living is adeptly riding the wave of who you are!

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3 Responses to Passionate living is adeptly riding the wave of who you are!

  1. WWereBear says:

    Beautifully put, and what a wonderful mental image.

    So much of our personal torment comes from what others or society claims we should be like. When we should be like ourselves, in all that diverse glory.

  2. Anne Raville says:

    What a lovely resource for those who chose to enrich their lives! Thank you for enriching mine! Annie

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