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Discovering Nature’s Energy

This post and video are intended to express one way in which nature is part of the broader “community” in which we all live.  All pictures except one were taken in my home territory, the Adirondack Park in northern New York.   … Continue reading

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Mia’s Adirondack Holiday Season Fairy Fantasy

A video to make you smile! It features Mia, an English Springer Spaniel, Adirondack scenery, and a fairy perhaps only Mia can see. Music is “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.

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Moving from Pieces to Clarity

This video is designed to encourage you and your unconscious mind to organize the pieces you have to create what you can envision regarding your life and your goals. Watch and listen, perhaps more than once, and you may notice … Continue reading

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Marmot Reflections: An Enrichment Meditation

The following video is the first in a planned series of Enrichment Meditations.  Marmot Reflections is a meditation to help you relax and reflect by taking your senses and your imagination somewhere new.  The star is a marmot in its … Continue reading

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Abundance: Appreciating the Wealth of Our Senses

By: Rich Liotta Our senses are our connection to the world. They are the sum and substance of all individual and shared experience. They are necessary to our survival and effectiveness. They are also tools to be utilized to enhance … Continue reading

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4 Practices Necessary to Achieve Abundance in Your Life:

By: Rich Liotta Abundance is a hot topic these days.  In one form or another it has always been around, though the way it is articulated changes.  Justifiably so, plenty, prosperity, and a life full of good things is something … Continue reading

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Passionate living is adeptly riding the wave of who you are!

By: Rich Liotta Each of us is a wave, a changing, evolving, person maneuvering through life. Who you are includes an array of possibilities, and therefore choice, of what you could pursue or become. Designing your journey, consistent with your … Continue reading

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Delicate Moments, Notice Them!

By: Rich Liotta Delicate moments are wonderful fleeting instances that occur every day of our lives, if we notice them. The linguistic roots of the word “moment” come from the Latin “momentum,” which roughly means moving with power. This says … Continue reading

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Sometimes we run…Part 1

Everything we do is goal directed…our relationship to our goals is important…sometimes we run away from or toward our goals in a variety of ways. Continue reading

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Hope, Despair, and Doubt

By: Rich Liotta; Musings #2 Hope is the staircase upward to better and brighter times.  It exists somewhere up there in the possibilities you can envision, with clarity perhaps or perhaps simply as an ill-defined beacon calling to you from out … Continue reading

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