Remembering Rosemary: Her words, wisdom, and insights

I have been thinking about Rosemary (Rosemary Sigwalt Liotta) a lot lately.  Perhaps because it is the holiday season, which she always loved.  Perhaps because I am reviewing the projects we shared.  Likely it is both and more, because she is always in my heart. It has been over two years now since she left this world.

Rosemary was one of the most intuitive and wise people I have known.  Her commitment to and Rosemary_2630talent for helping others was extraordinary.  Living and learning together were experiences that have contributed to my evolution; and they still do.  Ideas generated together in lively discussion still grow in my work. I eternally grateful for the time we had together.

I also remember her words and the insight they express.  The following were compiled from Rosemary’s writings:

~Life is a passionate adventure with no guarantees for anyone.

~Things are always changing… nothing really stays the same.

~All anyone has is right now, this minute.  So live each minute and each day as if it were your last – it may be.

~Life is best lived simply. All anyone has is their time and energy. Abundance is found in aligning life in harmony with this.

~Trust Spirit and Learn.  All who wander are not lost.  They are learning.

~The path to self growth and spiritual growth is always an enlightening one.  Be a humble learner on your life’s journey.

~Cherish the simple things, feel deeply, love fully; because life is an incredible journey.

I believe that wherever Rosemary is now she is continuing her work, on a higher plane, unencumbered by the challenges of this one.

Rich Liotta, Ph.D.

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