Joyful Notes #2: Robins!


Mother Nature is trying hard to give birth to Spring here in The North Country. As I write this, a cold rain is falling and it is a chilly 35 degrees. Each day is a gift and today’s gift is the joy of writing while a crock pot of vegetable soup simmers away. Spring will arrive when it is ready.

Yesterday was a reminder of the beauty of Spring. A sunny day of 60 degrees enticed me out into my flower gardens. Still covered with their blankets of leaves, the gentle raking revealed the first signs of my tulips and daffodils peeking through the soil. I changed my seasonal flag as if to herald Spring. It has a picture of a Robin on it and says “Welcome”.

Later in the day, as I was mulching one of the flower beds I glanced in the back yard only to discover twelve Robins hopping and flapping happily! Signs of hope happen in the most unexpected places.

By: Rosemary Lake-Liotta

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