Joyful Notes #1: Spring!

By: Rosemary Lake-Liotta

Spring is happening all over while I write this. Here in The Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, Spring means that the last of the long crocus-c-webwinter is having one last hurrah. As I write, the one inch of freshly fallen snow surrounds my crocus as they are struggling and reaching for the sun. They are a promise of the warmth and beauty of what is to come.

One must be patient and know that Spring will come. In our economy with the bad news of job loss and a sluggish economy what is most needed is Hope. Hope doesn’t cost a cent and it can make the difference between having joy in one’s life or being miserable.

Our economy is still in Winter-the deep freeze of the recession. Just as sure as Spring will come, one must be patient. There are things that can be done to bring joy into one’s life.  Nurture your creativity and watch the Spring come into bloom.

Make a list of Joyful Things. Include things that do not cost money. Invite a friend over for coffee. Rearrange a room to give it a fresh look. Wash the windows and let the sunshine in. Open the windows and breathe in some fresh air. Listen to some beautiful music. Take a walk in nature and do not bring your watch. Go to an animal shelter and volunteer to walk a dog. Draw pictures with your children. Go to the library and check out some books. If you don’t have a library card, get one!

Indulge yourself when at the grocery store and buy fresh flowers or a small blooming plant such as an African Violet. Clean out your desk where you work and surround yourself with things that can bring you joy during the day. Recycle things in your space that you do not use. Cuddle with a pet. You will be amazed what joyful things you have been neglecting in your life. Now that you have your Joyful Things list, pick at least one thing a day to do for yourself. Spring will come. Enjoy!

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