Hope, Despair, and Doubt

By: Rich Liotta; Musings #2hope-despair1

Hope is the staircase upward to better and brighter times.  It exists somewhere up there in the possibilities you can envision, with clarity perhaps or perhaps simply as an ill-defined beacon calling to you from out there.

Despair, on the other hand, is a spiral downward into darkness separating you from hope with every twist and turn.

Doubt is a precarious place, like a ledge in the limbo between the spiral and the stairs.  To your left it takes you to the edge, overlooking the blackness, immobilized, still, scared, and silent. To your right doubt obscures the shimmering glow and energetic melodies of possibility.

Inherent in doubt are choices to be made.  Feed it and it gets heavier till the burden becomes perpetual limbo or slips into despair. Or you can choose to move, to challenge it, and know that it does not serve you.  Do that and hope will reveal itself like a wizard -dispelling doubt and despair and pointing the way.

So stand tall, look up, focus on the lights and songs of possibilities up there and in front of you, and take the stairs!

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One Response to Hope, Despair, and Doubt

  1. Beautiful sentiment!
    Makes me glad I chose to take the stairs.

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