Enriching Abundance: An Enrichment meditation

This was previously only available on the Enrichment Meditation I DVD, but I decided it should be shared for all to see. This is one my favorites of those I have produced so far. Enjoy the photography and the message!

Through appreciating, reflecting, and doing you are creating your life; awakening possibilities and inviting opportunities for abundance. This theme is explored featuring beautiful Adirondack images in this Enrichment Meditation. Quiet your mind, open your heart and focus lightly on what follows. Use this video to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, spark your inner wisdom, and to feel the spirit of abundance and possibility.

Narrative transcript for Enriching Abundance:
©2010 Rich Liotta, Ph.D.

-I invite you to breathe deeply and to open your mind gently. Allow the energy within you to greet the energy that surrounds you, creating your abundance and enriching you inside as you focus lightly on what follows.

Know that appreciation is the doorway to more than you can imagine and to more that you can dream. Be curious, because with childlike eyes again you will see more, see color and details with fresh eyes and feel possibility.

Appreciate the wonder nature offers every day. Now enjoy the serenity of a woodland stream. (video interlude)

-See the beauty in flowers and in the eyes of animals. Feel the vibrations of life. Reflect on what is and on what can be because reflection is an art that serves your purpose. If appreciation sets the stage, reflection can suggest your next adventure on your journey.

You may find that you are reflecting on many levels as you notice the sights and sounds by this lake, now. (video interlude)

-Your scope will expand and the universe will look back at you as you look upward and beyond limiting beliefs and toward what you feel in your heart. You know more now than you did once, so take action toward what your generative wisdom offers along your path.

Breathe in expanding vistas and allow their sacred power to grow inside of you as you continue to create your life. (video/music interlude)

-Yes there are patterns of a grand design in motion out there that you are connecting with as you are appreciating, reflecting, and creating your personal form of abundance. Take action inside yourself and in the world and your path will lead to bright and wonderful places.

Now is a new dawn, appreciate what is and choose what will be. Move forward with peace, hope, and passion.

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