Discovering Nature’s Energy

This post and video are intended to express one way in which nature is part of the broader “community” in which we all live.  All pictures except one were taken in my home territory, the Adirondack Park in northern New York.  

The theme of the Enrichment Meditation video is discovering nature’s energy by appreciating nature’s patterns and beauty.  You can connect with the energy that surrounds us and increase your energy to create what you want in your life.  This meditation combines images, text, and music to stimulate and inspire you in positive directions. To see it directly on YouTube go here, otherwise just click on the screen below.

The following is the text of the video’s message.

Discovering Nature’s Energy:

Nature Connects
Us to the Energy
that surrounds Us
and Is within You.

Energy Grows
within You as You
Are Appreciating
Nature’s Wonder.

Appreciation Is
not just thought,
It Is

Notice the Wise
Energies that
Flow all around

In nature and in Us
there Is Chaos
and Complexity,

There Is also
Elegance and
Beauty in
Nature’s Designs.

Look and Listen
for diversity,

Dwell in the
most don’t Notice.

Inspiration Grows
as You Sense Fully
what Is Alive and

Let Your Thoughts
Blossom with the
Energy your
Senses Can Allow.

Allow into your
Heart the
Abundance that
Exists Out There.

Be curious and
Discover what Is
Now a part of
Your Space.

Appreciation of
Nature Connects
You with Wisdom
and Energy,

You to Find or
Create All
that You Seek.

Appreciate all that
Energizes Life and
Your Path

Copyright Richard F. Liotta, 2010

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