Diamond Days – video

Diamond Days are those days in your life that are especially precious and that remind you of the value of life and the joy of experiencing it fully.

Diamond Days take many forms, they can happen in any aspect of your life. Perhaps it the thrill of a day when everything flows in your business and career. Perhaps it is a day when your connection with someone you love was exquisite. Perhaps it is a day when your spirit intermingles with the universal. Or perhaps it is something else entirely for you. Like the diamond’s many facets, possibilities abound.

Wealth and abundance is the collection of “Diamond Days” and memories that you hold in your heart. Diamond Days energize the spirit and set the stage for a bright future.

“Perceive the world with appreciation in your heart and an attitude of abundance and many diamond days will be be yours!” So create your own Diamond Days.

The video was inspired by an Adirondack Diamond Day. This Enrichment Meditation takes you on a journey through a Diamond Day, a precious and spiritual day, in the Adirondack Mountains in the fall. This meditation combines images, music, and narration to stimulate and move you in positive directions. My hope is that inspires you and reminds you of your Diamond Days!

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