Change is Life’s Journey (Part 1)

Change is something all of us need to deal with now and then. Yet change is also uncomfortable and scary; indeed “change” is a dirty word for many! In the world as is, change and challenge is a day to day occurrence from the global to the individual level.

How do you cope with change? Do you deny that it happens? Do you embrace it? Do you get swept away in it? Or do dance, adjust, and grow in the dynamic matrix?

Embracing change is accepting that it happens. Embracing change is appreciating that shifts are inevitable. Embracing change is finding your way of dancing within the grander processes that surround you. Your plans and intentions are played out inside processes of renewal, creation and transformation.

How you view change, personally, philosophically, and spiritually impacts your effectiveness on the journey that is your life.

The following video is the result of my own reflections inspired by nature’s constant changes. I hope it encourages you to reflect mindfully and with eyes wide open.

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