Appreciating and Doing: Keys to Attracting Abundance

If you experience life appreciating all you see, hear, and feel; AND take action more abundance will come. The combination is the key that creates the energy that brings positive things to you! In this short clip Dr. Rich Liotta discusses the synergy of appreciation and taking action to attract more good things to you. “Taking action” is sometimes the missing element in some descriptiions of the Law of Attraction. This clip is from a presentation titled “Enhancing 4 Practices Vital to Achieving Abundance In Your Life.”

Video Transcript:

The idea of the whole thing is that all of these processes [Reflecting, Appreciating, and Creating] facilitate Doing and also facilitate Abundance.

We feel that appreciation is really an energizer. Appreciating yourself, appreciating other people, appreciating various things in your life is really appreciating some of the abundance that exists out there; and that appreciation creates energy, which is going to help bring more positive things to you in your life.

Not necessarily in a purely law of attraction type of way because I think, at least by my way of thinking, one of the things missing from the law of attraction, though it has a lot to offer and a lot of good messages, is okay – what about the doing?

Is all this going to be, if you just believe it strong enough it’s going to manifest? Well maybe, but generally it’s really difficult to believe something that purely; and second, it’s often doing that is going to bring more opportunities to you. Both in a practical way, whether you think about it in terms of the higher energy of the universe way of thinking about it, but just practically if you’re out there doing things and interacting with the world it is more likely that things are going to come to you!

Part of having that happen is appreciating what is out there. If you like people you’re going to interact with them more. It just creates an energy about you if you’re in a state of appreciation, if you’re appreciating, if that’s part of the eyes with which you look at the world…

To read more see the article on the 4 Practices Necessary to Achieve Abundance and explore other articles on this site.  More posts are coming soon.

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